LVCU – Planting seeds of opportunity for a better tomorrow.

Lower Valley Credit Union was started in 1952 in the basement of a local Catholic Church by 25 original charter members, depositing $5.00 each.

Due to the origins of the credit union it was naturally originally named “Catholic Credit Union”. At the time, there were only 2 Catholic Dioceses in the State of Washington, one was located in Seattle and the other was located in Spokane.

Then, in 1958 a new diocese was formed in Yakima. This resulted in a regulation ruling, which allowed for only 1 credit union within the same diocese. Therefore, a decision was made to keep the credit union that was located in Yakima.

We then re-incorporated, under our new name of “Lower Valley Credit Union”.

Our Mission

  1. Engage members in conversation
  2. Explore potential member needs
  3. Introduce solutions and educate members
  4. Nurture member relationships
  5. Captivate member loyalty