LVCU’s Micro Business Seed Loan Program

Lower Valley Credit Union’s Micro Business Seed Loan Program is the latest product offering designed to carry out the credit union’s mission of planting seeds of opportunity throughout our community. Traditional lending institutions have historically shied away from offering loans to micro businesses for a variety of reasons including: they perceive these startup businesses to be higher risk, these businesses often seek more modest loan amounts and banks view the time and effort required to research the business cost-inefficient, and the applicants might have limited credit history or prior business experience. At Lower Valley Credit Union, we firmly believe in serving the underserved. We believe that our Micro Business Seed Loan Program will be pivotal in helping these businesses and business owners become economically stable and socially beneficial. By assisting the micro business, we are in turn providing stability to their employees and their employees’ families and generating exponential growth within the community by encouraging other community members to help the micro businesses grow.

LVCU now offers two different loan types for new entrepreneurs: a Micro Business Loan, and a Growing Business Loan. Please review the application requirements below and follow the steps to get yourself qualified.

Lets get started!

To apply for a Micro Business Seed Loan today, please contact us and request a business loan application. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please call and ask to speak to a loan officer.