Regulation D is a federal regulation that limits the number of transfers and withdrawals that are allowed from an interest bearing account (primary savings, secondary savings, etc.). The regulation was established to prevent consumers from using their savings account as a checking account. The new operating system here at LVCU now manage Regulation D and it is being implemented on all accounts. ALL savings (share) accounts will have a limit of 6 applicable transactions per month. The breakdown of the transactions that do and do not apply towards your Regulation D limit is shown below to help you better understand the change that is being implemented.

Transactions limited to 6 per month:

  • Overdraft transfers
  • Transfers from any savings to another member’s account
  • Phone transfers (including payments made by Call Center and Collections)
  • Transfers/withdrawals from any savings account using Online Banking/Bill Pay
  • Pre-authorized, automatic, scheduled, or recurring transfers/withdrawals (including ACH and wires) from any savings accounts

Unlimited transactions per month

  • Transfers from any checking accounts to any savings account
  • Transfers/withdrawals from any savings account made in person
  • Transfers/withdrawals from any savings account made at the ATM
  • Transfers/withdrawals from any savings account to make a loan payment
  • Transfers/withdrawals from any savings account sent in by mail with original signature


If you are using your savings account the wrong way, there’s an easy fix! Qualifying members can simply open up a checking account, it’s easy and FREE! A checking account also comes with a FREE Visa Debit Card so you can use our ATMs to access your funds after hours at no charge. Act now and contact us today to see if you qualify.