Skip-A-Pay is Available

Nov 1st – Dec 31st

Skip a Pay Application

Program Details:

*To qualify for LVCU’s Skip-A-Payment program, applicable loan must have at least 6 months of regular payments and be current at time of request for ‘Skip-A-Payment’. Only one (1) ‘Skip-A-Payment’ is available per applicable loan during the months of May 1st through July 31st. A second ‘Skip-A-Payment’ will be available November 1st through January 31st for the applicable loans. Only two (2) ‘Skip-A-Payments’ will be allowed per applicable loan during any 12 month period span. By signing application, you authorize LVCU to extend your loan payment for the applicable loan by one payment period and you further agree to be assessed a $25 processing fee that will automatically be deducted from your share savings account. Please note: interest on your loan will continue to accrue throughout the payment period that the ‘Skip-A-Payment’ program is utilized within. If you elected GAP or Warranty Coverage, the coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date. Offer not available for any real estate, business, credit card, or open-ended loan of any kind.