It’s tax season and fraudulent phone calls are starting to increase. Are you able to recognize the difference between a real or suspicious phone call? Here are a couple of tips to help you identify these callers before you mistakenly give out your account information.

  1. If you receive a call about your account from someone claiming to be a representative of LVCU, please look to see if the call is restricted or has a caller ID. LVCU has a valid caller ID so our name will be displayed on the screen. If no caller ID displays, please hang up the phone and contact the credit union to let us know about the suspicious call.
  2. If a caller wants to discuss a problem on an account you have and they ask you for any account numbers to verify your information, please hang up the phone immediately and contact the credit union. An LVCU representative will never ask for an account number to verify who you are. When you open an account with LVCU, you provid us with personal information that relates to you. We will use this information to verify if you are the primary account holder or not. If the questions we ask are answered correctly and we have identified you as the account holder, we will answer any questions or discuss any problems you may have on your account. If questions are not answered correctly, no account information will be discussed and the call will be ended.

Hopefully, these two tips will help you identify any fraudulent calls you may receive during this tax season. If you ever have any questions about account verification, please feel free to contact Lower Valley Credit Union at 877-406-5828 or email us at