New and Used Car Testimonials

Meet “Jojo”

I was purchased by the best family ever in 2018! They love me so much that they have started taking me on vacation with them because I am so dependable. Thank you LVCU for funding my purchase. You’ve changed my life forever!

2013 Chevrolet Malibu, AKA Jojo

P.S. I have the nick name “Jojo” because my owner wrecked his first car while eating jojo’s. I am a reminder to “not eat and drive”.

P.S. I was given the name “Moo Moo” because my horn sounds like a cow crying for food at dinner time.

Meet “Moo Moo”

“I was purchased in 2017 to work in the fields! I have hauled just about everything I can think of over the last two years and I’ve been well taken care of. Thank you LVCU for providing my owner with a lending opportunity.”


2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, AKA Moo Moo

Meet “Peanut”

I was purchased in 2019 by a family who was needing extra room. A third-row seat for teammates and some extra space for equipment has helped them out tremendously! My new family qualified for LVCU’s first-time buyer program and I wanted to thank you for providing them the opportunity.”

2007 Chevrolet Tahoe, AKA Peanut

P.S. I was given the name Peanut because I smelled like peanut butter for over a month! The culprit was a sandwich that was discovered under my back seat. We were all going a little nuts during that time and the name stuck!

P.S. I was given the name Thor because I shocked my owner when he first started me. True story… he should not have been holding my plug wire when I was being turned over. It resulted in a bump on the head and a few bad words. It was not my fault!

Meet “Thor”

“I was purchased in 2018 by a family who was looking for a fixer-upper! I have a lot of life left in me and I really needed a family who could see my potential. My new family qualified for a personal loan from LVCU and I wanted to thank you for helping them with my purchase. My life has been a little rough and I was looking for that second chance to live again.”

1962 GMC Pickup, AKA Thor

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