Protecting Your User ID 

General Guidelines in protecting your User ID

  • Never leave a computer unattended while you are logged into Online Banking. Someone may walk up to the computer and obtain instant access to your accounts.
  • Never use multiple browsers on your computer while you are conducting a banking transaction. You may close the wrong browser down, leaving the other browser open with your banking information exposed.
  • Never use an unsecured computer or a public computer to login to Online Banking.
  • Always try to check your last login date and time to make sure you are the only person logging into your account.
  • You should always review account balances and detail transactions on a daily basis (preferably). If something seems off, immediately report suspicious transactions to your financial institution.
  • LVCU’s Online Banking has a history feature. If you have any questions on a transfer, please view Transfer History Tab on your account.
  • Are you using Bill Pay? You should try to protect your identity in every way possible. Use Bill Pay instead of checks to limit account number dissemination exposure and to obtain better electronic record keeping.
  • Take advantage of Online Banking Alerts! Set up alerts to that you know when any of these transactions take place:

• Transfer alerts
• Password change alerts
• ACH Alerts (for cash management users)
• Wire Alerts (for cash management users)

  • Never use account numbers, social security number, or other account or personal information when creating account nicknames.